Axiom’s knowledge of energy and in particular, upstream oil & gas, is unrivalled. At a time when there is an increased focus on maximising oil & gas production and meeting rising demand, Axiom is designing innovative communications programmes that add real value and deliver tangible results to such businesses. Current clients include Roxar, Spectraseis, PGS, ARKeX, and the UK trade association, the Energy Industries Council.



Axiom has worked with Norwegian oil & gas technology client, Roxar, a business unit of Emerson Process Management, for the past seven years, taking on close to an in-house role coordinating public relations, marketing and communications activities. Achievements include up to 1,500 pieces of coverage; over 100 published articles in leading oil & gas trades, such as Hart's, World Oil, First Break, and Oil & Gas Journal; an integrated customer communications programme; and market and competitor research. Axiom has also put in place a comprehensive speaker bureau targeting conferences and submitting abstracts and papers.


Zurich-based Spectraseis is the principal technology and service provider in the fast-emerging field of low frequency passive seismic geophysical surveys to help oil and gas companies more efficiently find and produce hydrocarbon reserves.

Axiom has been working with Spectraseis for the past two and a half years, helping them increase their profile among key exploration decision-makers. Recent publications that have placed articles by Spectraseis include Oil & Gas Journal (including a front cover photo); Hart’s E&P, American Oil & Gas Reporter, Oil Review Africa, Petroleum Africa, and World Oil.

The Energy Industries Council (EIC)

The EIC is the leading trade association for UK companies supplying goods and services to the energy industries worldwide. Established in 1943, the EIC has over 600 member companies and provides them with the capability to identify and pursue global business opportunities.

The Axiom team works with the EIC to promote the organisation as a whole as well as add value to its members through innovative communications activities. Articles have been drafted and placed on a wide variety of energy topics, including upstream oil & gas, LNG, renewables, nuclear power generation, and carbon capture storage.

Axiom also helped develop and promote the EIC Monitor, a quarterly report which tracks over 7,800 active and future projects in the global energy industry and provides an industry barometer on activities. The Monitor has become a popular source of industry data for trade and business publications, EIC members, and Government departments.


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